These crusty critters are just what you ordered and come in a stunning technicolor of crabby pixel art. The CryptoKrabz are a crustacean tribute to the original Crypto Punks by Larva Labs. We’ve also kept it real with single pixel blocks, scaled up onto hi-res backgrounds for the final artwork.

HODL to Earn – Passive Income for Holders

CryptoKrabz holders are able to earn passive income, by claiming the royalties from sales on secondary markets. Instead of keeping the royalties, we’re passing 100% to Krab holders! Each Krab you hold will earn a share of the monthly royalties paid back into the smart contract. The more Krabz you own, the more you can claim!

Claim Your CryptoKrabz Royalties

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Who can claim the royalties?

Only CryptoKrabz NFT holders can claim these royalties. The balances displayed on this page are held in the CryptoKrabz smart contract and if you own a CryptoKrabz NFT, you are eligible for a share of theĀ  total. Each Krab can claim an equal share, so the more Krabz you own, the more you will be able to claim.

How does it work?

Every 30 days a new claim period starts. At the start of this period, the current balance deposited to the contract from royalties (not mint!) is recorded and then each holder can claim their share of that amount based on the number of CryptoKrabz NFTs they own within 30 days.

If a holder does not claim their share within 30 days it will be added back to the balance to be shared by all in the next claim period.

Any deposits made to the contract during the current claim period will be available to claim in the next claim period.

Unique, Verifiable & Cute

Only 6969 CryptoKrabz will be minted, generated from a random combination of over 100 different traits andĀ  over 30 Billion unique combinations. Each Krab is guaranteed to be unique and rare, however we’ve made sure that some are even more special and rare than others…

Will you be lucky enough to mint a Golden Krab?!

Crypto Krabz


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You can mint up to 20 Krabz per TX

Select how many Krabz to mint.



So much to do, so little time!

Here’s our current roadmap for bringing CryptoKrabz to the world. Join our discord community and follow CryptoKrabzNFT on Twitter for updates!

  • Build our Discord community (Join!)
  • Presale & public minting (November 26, 2021)
  • Community rewards minting
  • Marketplace listings (Lootex, NFTKEY, PancakeSwap, and more to come)
  • HODL to Earn rewards
  •,, Rarity Sniper and more!
  • Donation to cancer charity (voted by the community)
  • CryptoKrabz merchandise
  • Airdrops for Krabz holders
  • Community voting for future milestones
  • Exclusive airdrops and privileges for CryptoKrabz holders


How many CryptoKrabz will be minted?

There will only ever be 6969 CryptoKrabz. This is a maximum limit set in the contract an cannot be changed. You can rest assured that your cherished Krab will not be duplicated.

How can I earn passive income with CryptoKrabz?

Every time a CryptoKrabz NFTs is bought or sold on an NFT marketplace (such as BinanceNFT, PancakeSwap, AirNFTs) a percentage of the sale amount will get paid back into the CryptoKrabz smart contract.

Anyone holding a CryptoKrabz NFT can claim their share of the royalties. The amount you can claim will be based on the number of Krabz held in your wallet. 1 Krab = 1 Share. The more Krabz you own, the more you will get from the royalties.

This reward can be claimed once every 30 days and if not, any unclaimed shares will get added to the next month’s balance.

How can I mint a CryptoKrab?

You’ll need an BSC wallet that supports dapps. Metamask or Trust Wallet are recommended.
You’ll be able to see your Krabz on the mint page as soon as the transaction confirms with a link to the each token on BSCScan.

Can I choose which Krab to mint?

No, to make things fair Krabz will be minted randomly, meaning you won’t know which CryptoKrab you’re going to get until it has been minted!
This will stop the metadata snoopers from scooping up all the rare combos and puts everyone on a level playing field to own a great selection of Krabz.

How much does each CryptoKrab cost?

Each CryptoKrab costs 0.25 BNB to mint. On top there will be a network fee and this will depend on the current gas price when you mint, but pretty cheap on BSC.

Will CryptoKrabz be listed on any marketplaces?

Yes! Shortly after minting opens, we will list CryptoKrabz on BSC marketplaces such as Treasureland, NFTKEY and PancakeSwap. We are also looking at ranking sites like Rarity Tools and as always have our ears open to the community’s suggestions.